Official recognition for four Spanish cops who saved the life of heart attack victim

COMMENDATION: Four Local Police officers from Bereta will be recognised for saving a life. CREDIT: Shutterstock (file pic)

The efforts of four Spanish cops who saved the life of a heart attack victim in Valencia will be officially recognised.

THE Town Hall of Betera has unanimously approved the individual “public congratulation” of four local police officers who resuscitated the 27-year-old.

The official recognition will be made by the Generalitat Valenciana in honour of “a service of extraordinary difficulty or importance, which showed relevant professional and civic qualities”.

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Councillor for Police, Julio Inés, praised the actions carried out by Officers Ana María Palacios, Juan Martínez, Francisco Pons and Carlos de la Llave.

The events occurred on January 2, 2020. The rapid action of the officers, who gave the victim a cardiac massage and used a defibrillator to restore his heartbeat, “made it possible for the young man to recover his vital signs and not suffer serious consequences”, said Inés.

SAMU then arrived and took the victim to a nearby hospital.



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