Chirivel infrastructure investment to create work and boost business

KEY: The deputy described the rural employment development plan as an “essential tool” for tackling depopulation and creating equal opportunities CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

INFRASTRUCTURE in Chirivel is undergoing upgrades thanks to a €265,000 investment in the municipality as part of the PFEA rural employment development plan.

The Almeria provincial council said the works includes reforms to the market, the village streets and to parks and gardens, creating 2,400 working days in all.

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The administration also explained the works come under its Progama Acelera aimed at boosting the construction sector and at helping to maintain and create jobs.

Diputacion PFEA deputy Matilde Diaz paid a recent visit to Chirivel, where accompanied by local mayor Jose Torregrosa she went to see how the modernisation works are going.

Diaz described the PFEA as “one of the Diputacion’s most important tools for turning into a reality one of our main aims for the next few years: keeping population in place and creating equal opportunities among Almerians.”

She maintained the PFEA allows for improving municipal infrastructure, and therefore quality of life, particularly in the smallest localities, while at the same time providing employment for local people. The deputy pointed out the plan’s added importance due to the crisis created by coronavirus.

The PFEA is a collaboration between the State Employment Service, the Junta de Andalucia, the Diputacion de Almeria and local councils.


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