EXCLUSIVE – Expat’s books bring sisters closer together

Twins: The sister’s shared interests led to them working together. Credit: Barbra Dean

EURO WEEKLY NEWS recently spoke with Barbra Dean, an expat who is now based in Quesada, in the Costa Blanca, about a book of poetry she has written with her sister whilst spending time in isolation.

Barbra and Lydia are identical twins who have always enjoyed being together. However, they now live in different countries, Barbra in Spain and Lydia in Israel. They thought it would be nice in their later years to do something together especially as a legacy for their families.

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Barbra pointed out that “Over the years we have both kept diaries and also written professionally for various magazines and newspapers. We hit on the idea of a poetry book as we have composed many poems for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other events,” and added” We write about life as we see it. The people written about all have a special place in our hearts.”

Writing ‘Twin Reflections’ has been a rewarding experience for them both and has brought them closer again through the miles of living apart.

Barbra went on to explain that “I was Assistant Fashion Editor in SHE magazine arranging photography and fashion shows. I also freelanced for many newspapers and magazines. Later on, working for a well-known agony aunt, and answered all her mail.”

She has also been a film extra appearing in many soaps for television, a lot of the time in the background of a pub pretending to drink.

Barbra has also written a book called ‘The Multicoloured Hat’ which has been translated into Spanish called ‘El Sombrero Multicolor,’ and although written for children, it is suitable for adults too who are learning either language. Both books are available from most Amazon sites, including Amazon.es.

Here are just a few lines from one of her poems:


People are so touchy be careful what you say

Some could start WW3 if they had their way

Example we met up with friends I said and ‘who are you?’

We had not seen them for a while, was just a joke it’s true

They glared at me I wondered why they thought me very rude

I said ‘what’s up was just a joke’ but they were in a mood

They got up from the table ‘don’t speak to us again’

We had known them many years I thought it was insane

But no they were annoyed and that was months ago

Since then not a word which left me feeling low

We met up with some other friends we had not seen awhile

‘Who are you?’ he said and I just gave a smile

I hugged him told him who I was and saw the funny side

It is certainly not worth losing friends just take it in your stride


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