Discover Almuñecar’s historic Roman ruins and hot springs

Built-in spa: Discovered in 2006 during the construction of a hotel Credit: Ayto. Almuñecar.

THE Almuñecar Town Hall, through the Archaeology Department, last week carried out the important task of cleaning and conditioning the Roman ruins located at the site on the beach of Cotobro.

Archaeologist Eva Urquieta said “These are some extremely important remains for all that this entails to better understand the history of what was the Roman Almuñecar known at the time as “Sexi Firmum Iulium“.

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The archaeological remains appeared in 2006 during the construction of a hotel.

In the space, which was excavated by the archaeologist, Antonio Burgos, among other infrastructures, it has some hot springs, possibly belonging to an old town.

All this was incorporated into the hotel and today you can see and visit this space, which combines the rich history of the city and the hotel infrastructure as a tourist municipality. It is a new hotel with a built-in Roman “spa”.


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