Almuñecar figherfighters battle relentless blaze

Garage left gutted. Credit: Pinterest

ON Friday, July 10, Almuñecar firefighters had to spend almost two hours putting out a fire in a garage located under a house in the Torrecuevas neighbourhood, next to the Carretera de la Cabra.

Firefighters rushed to the scene after a warning from 112 emergency services. Upon arrival, it was clear to see a mass of smoke emanating from the premises continuing to the Vega de Río Verde and Taramay.

After almost two hours of work, they managed to extinguish the fire. As a consequence, an SUV and numerous belongings and furniture that occupied the garage burned.


Policia Local and Guardia Civil appeared at the scene and after an investigation into the possible causes of the fire, officers arrested a person whose identity has not been disclosed.


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