Covid-19 pandemic opens ‘organic doors’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

HEALTHIER OPTIONS: Consumer demand for organic products increased during State of Alarm. CREDIT: Organic Farmers' Association

The agricultural sector in the Valencia region, like others, is going through a major crisis and many farmers are looking for new outlets.

ONE of these is organic production which, in the first half of the year, has significantly increased across the Region.

So much so that this type of crop now accounts for more than 18.2 per cent of the entire produce with more than 8,800 hectares occupied with organic crops.

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And the growth is being attributed to public demand for healthier products.

Héctor López, an organic producer from the Vall d’Albaida region, has been working in this sector for more than 25 years.

He told Las Provincias that “during the months of confinement we have noticed an increase in sales of more than 40 per cent. People have opted for better products to acquire defences.”

Specialist shops and home deliveries of organic fruit and vegetables have had an important role to play during the State of Alarm, although demand has reportedly since “normalised.”

“Now we are hoping that a large number of people who have started to consume this type of product will get hooked and continue to buy,” added López.

Organic farming data show that counties such as Navarres Canal are making a significant commitment to this type of sustainable agriculture.

In 2020, the cultivated surface area has tripled on last year, going from 1,000 hectares to 3,569 at present, according to the Community’s Organic Farming Committee.

The main organic crops in this area are those dedicated to olive groves and cereals.

Within the central regions, the Vall d’Albaida has been involved organic production for a longer period of time.

Here, 154 farmers covering 3,238 are committed to harvesting a “product free of herbicides and of higher quality,” mainly wine grapes.


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