Animal Rights Group Organises Protest in Madrid

The demonstration in Madrid Credit: AnimaNaturalis

DURING the lockdown, the majority of bullfights in Spain were cancelled and this sector supported by certain councils as well as the Vox political party is appealing for financial support for those in the industry who were affected financially.

Animal rights campaigners AnimaNaturalis are totally opposed to any money being given to what they call the subsidising of animal abuse and arrived in Madrid this morning (July 12) to protest about a plan that the city council has to allocate more than €200,000 towards local bullfights.

The organisation has also approached the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe asking that the Spanish Government does not give any finance to the sector but to use its funds for other cultural events and this demand has been echoed by 167,000 people.


Bullfighting is due to return to the Estepona bullring on August 1 and tickets are currently on sale, but it is highly likely that there will be some form of protest either prior to or on the day of the event by organisations such as AnimaNaturalis.


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