Italian policeman kneels on man’s neck for 1 minute


An Italian policeman in Verona pressed his knee onto the neck of a man under arrest for one minute, local newspaper La Repubblica reports.

The man was reportedly drunk and behaving in a disorderly manner causing two police officers to tackle him to the ground.

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One of the officers then knelt on the man’s neck, the technique used in Minneapolis on George Floyd causing his death and sparking Black Lives Matter protests across the world.

Despite complaints from the Italian man under arrest, the policeman kept his knee pressed on the neck of the drunk man for over a minute.

Despite the technique being now outlawed in many areas, a police spokesperson said, “The (officers) behaved in a correct and unimpeachable way.”


  1. George Floyd was NOT killed. The felon died of natural causes aggravated by multiple drug use and pre-existing severe coronary artery disease and cardiomyopathy (autopsy report). The cops are innocent. The autopsy report on petty-porn star George Floyd precisely detailing the cause of death is causing shock and consternation across international media.

    Frozen with indecision, mainstream media is now trying to figure out a way of explaining their bizarre elevation to super-hero status of a violent criminal who, it turns out’, died of natural causes and self-harm and not as a consequence of his being killed by Police Officer Derek Chauvin and other arresting officers.I have the autopsy report but I doubt very much the Black Lives Matter / Antifa EWN would be interested in the truth of inconvenient facts.


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