Careless Youngsters in Spain Amongst Most Affected Population

CREDIT: Twitter

The head of the COVID-19 branch in the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital, in the province of Lleida (Cataluña), Jose Luis Morales, warns that the new coronavirus tracking system is not being carried out with the necessary efficiency because there are not enough resources to do so.

Morales also warns that 58% of all new cases they have attended to in the hospital are as a result of people going out onto the street, people who go to bars or are seen at parties.

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Like Dr. Morales, the Mayor of Lerida, Miquel Pueyo, via twitter, and the manager of the health regions of Lerida and the Pyrenees, Divina Farreny, warn about the increase in “unsustainable” cases amongst the younger generations. In the last two weeks, most new positive coronavirus cases are concentrated amongst the population aged from 15 to 29.

Between 60 and 70% of the new cases detected throughout the 73 Covid-19 outbreaks that are currently active in Spain are both young and asymptomatic profiles. This is a similar pattern across the territory. The origin of one of these outbreaks is a party in which 60 people aged between 23 and 26 attended to on the Palomares beach in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona).

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