Pyromaniac on The Costa Del Sol Under Arrest

CREDIT: Policia Local

A 39-year-old pyromaniac has been arrested after intentionally damaging and setting fire to a car and tried to blame two companions.

THE incident took place at around 6.10pm on Thursday when the Local Police in Costa del Sol’s Malaga received an alert that a car was burning near the Glorieta de Santa Barbara. Upon their arrival, officers saw a group of three individuals attacking each other.

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The men said that when the three of them were together, one of the men said he was going to urinate, then he suddenly took out a lighter and set the car on fire. When he got back to the rest of the group, he told them what he had just done and said that he did it because he was crazy and that he would blame his two friends.

This began the argument and the alleged pyromaniac, who is 50 years old, had obvious injuries across his face. When questioned by the officers the man said that he was “crazy” and that he was the one who burnt the car. He was arrested and transferred to the hospital for an evaluation.

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