New High-Speed Train to Connect London and Amsterdam

Eurostar to Amsterdam Credit: Twitter @FelixStyles

The Eurostar has announced that it will begin offering high-speed train services from London to Amsterdam. If all goes to plan, the service will commence later this year once agreements are signed.

In order for this train to operate, there must be an adjustment to the agreements which were initially signed in 1993. This contract will include the Netherlands in the high-speed rail connections which already exist with France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

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All four representatives of these countries have agreed upon a new treaty in Brussels. Passengers hoping to embark on this journey will be subjected to various checks before boarding, just as passengers travelling to France and Belgium.

Eurostar has called this partnership a “great milestone”. This new addition will also allow for greater cooperation between the respective police forces and help fight cross-border crime more effectively. According to the train operator, this will allow passengers to directly arrive at the Netherlands, from the UK, without having to change trains at Brussels for immigration or security checks.

This streamlined service was hoping to start in April however, as most plans, this was inevitably delayed by the coronavirus crisis.

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