Despicable Thieves Target Beach Restaurant on Costa del Sol

Sun loungers stolen by thieves Credit: Beach House

AS restaurants along the coast try to recoup some of their losses caused by the lockdown, lowlife thieves with no thought for anyone but themselves are making it just that bit more difficult.

This time the victim was the Beach House Restaurant in Elviria when an attempt was made to steal a large number of sun loungers from outside the restaurant.

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Thanks to the Beach House on site security guard and police who he was able to alert, the attempt was cut short but not before the thieves managed to make off with a number of the loungers.

If any reader should be offered a number of plastic sun beds with cream covers please contact the restaurant on 952 458 839.

The majority of people want to see the economy continue to recover and it is only a few ‘bad apples’ with no social conscience who undertake this kind of anti-social behaviour.


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