Costa del Sol Marina First in Spain to be Declared MarinaSafe®

The coveted MarinaSafe Award Credit: San Roque Council

A HUGE amount of work has been undertaken at Puerto Sotogrande in order to ensure that it is secure for all and it now boasts that it is Spain’s first safe marina.

This has been confirmed by the Mayor of San Roque Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix as the whole of Sotogrande is part of that municipality.

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Puerto Sotogrande revealed that it had been recognised as a Safe Harbour under the MarinaSafe® trademark, which is managed by the Habitable Foundation and the process began with the implementation of a dynamic de-escalation plan that has been developed over the last three months.

In addition to complying with the usual national protocols, instructions and recommendations for containment and safety in nautical sports facilities, in Puerto Sotogrande a more detailed response has been implemented.

With all that has been done and with constant review of the processes involved, Puerto Sotogrande considers itself a safe, habitable, accessible, comfortable, sporty environment which is sustainable, committed and healthy.


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