Companians a very Companiable club in Albir

Companians A very companiable club
PUBLIC THANKS: David and Barbara Banks with (left) Vicente Arques and (right) councillor Martine Mertens Photo credit: Alfaz town hall

ALFAZ mayor Vicente Arques has publicly thanked Barbara Banks for her work at the head of the English-speaking social club, Companians.

Barbara moved to Alfaz 15 years ago and together with her husband David founded Companians as a way of meeting people and at the same time benefitting society.

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The club organises leisure and cultural activities and collaborates with charities but now that the association is so well-established and involved in local causes, Barbara is handing over to her team of collaborators.

The image here shows some of the planned activities for July

Companians Social Club

Besides the regular events there are also the ‘Special Events’, such as the Companians Gala ball scheduled for October 9th or the 4 day (3 nights) coach trip to Peniscola from September 22nd to the 25th

Barbara would like to dedicate more time to her family, while remaining part of Companians but without all the responsibilities attached to being president, she explained.

Many Companians members live in Albir and they meet each week at Albir Gardens.  The entrance to the hotel complex is always open and so, too, is the club to anybody – regardless of nationality – wishing to attend, Barbara said.

The Companians Social Club with well over 300 members has also recently turned to Social Media and created a facebook group for the club and it’s members.

Should you be in the area, visting or resident do feel free to pop in and say hi and have a cup of tea.

Albir is the home of a rather unusual park, the Eucalyptus park a beautiful place to take a break, a stroll in the shade, and a place where the children can play. Eucalyptus Park is a relatively large nature park filled with old eucalyptus trees. These trees do not only provide shade, but also deter mosquitoes!


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