British Insurer Now Offers Covid-19 Cover for Travellers

EasyJet new children’s face masks Credit: TaylorHerring flickr

ONE of the perceived problems that many potential travellers see is the lack of insurance in case a holidaymaker is diagnosed before or during their trip with Covid-19.

Many insurers simply stopped selling travel policies when the UK Government recommended against unnecessary foreign travel but now things are changing and at least one insurance company is accepting the risk.

-- Advertisement -- has now written a travel policy which specifically offers cover for Covid-19 risks and covers cancellation if traveller is diagnosed with the virus with 14 days of due travel date and also covers medical costs should the traveller catch the virus whilst abroad and additional costs if they have to extend their stay.

There are a number of exclusions but these are made very clear on their website and this does appear to be the first realistic travel insurance policy for those who want to travel but need financial protection in case the worst scenario occurs.

Another step forward in embracing the new normal and no doubt other insurers will follow this lead if it proves to be a success.

Naturally all those involved in the Spanish hospitality area will welcome any venture likely to encourage British visitors to make Spain their holiday destination.


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