Booty for the homeless in Torrevieja

SUPPORT: El Capitan fundraises to help the homeless CREDIT: Reach Out Facebook

All is ship-shape at El Capitan Cafe-bar in Lago Jardin II in Torrevieja as staff and regulars continue to donate booty to help the homeless and vunerable.

THE cafe-bar patrons have been supporters of Reach Out Extiende La Mano for some time, and recently ‘weighed the anchor to come up with a cunning plan’ to help raise funds for the charity.

Every week they put on events and a small token is set aside for Reach Out, in addition to a collection tin on the main deck for ‘all that booty that fell out of the hands of me heartys!!’

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Some of the ‘shipmates’ recently staged an auction and today donated €109.12 – the proceeds of this and the collections – to Janet Wright, one of the volunteers at Reach Out.

President David Young said: “The marvellous sum was received with many thanks to all those pirates, I mean shipmates who have helped raise this amount.”

The donation follows a gift of 25 sleeping bags for the homeless by U3A.

U3A president, Peter Shaw, said “they were only to happy to help with this type of donation and hope to complete a similar donation in the future.”

David added: “We tried to get Peter to come in and try a sleeping bag for comfort but declined as it was too hot! Again these donations are gratefully received and will go to helping those in need.”

To find out more about the charity and how you can help, visit:

Reach Out Go Fund Me Recovery Fund

Reach Out Website



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