Summers in Spain Could Reach Scorching Temperatures of Up to 50 Degrees

Scorching Summers: 2050 could be hellish Credit: Shutterstock

IN the year 2050, summers in Spain could be far from recognisable as experts predict that temperatures could reach the 50-degree mark. In 30 years, suffocating heatwaves could be experienced followed by months of drought and tropical nights.

According to a study conducted by, the summer of 2050 could be irrevocably altered by the effects of climate change. In the most pessimistic scenario, this could include a dangerously high rate of pollutants and radioactivity. Already Spain is experiencing some of the hottest temperatures and heatwaves ever, and with more frequency than ever.

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This study highlights that if global warming increases by more than 1.5 degrees every year then Spain could suffer some serious consequences. These extreme weather conditions would make it harder for residents to fall asleep at night and increase the likelihood of floods.

The study predicts that summers in 2050 will be marked by extreme temperatures that could easily reach 45 degrees in Costa Blanca’s Valencia and 49 degrees in Sevilla and Cordoba.

It calculates that tropical nights could be the new normality in 2050, and nighttime temperatures in Madrid could reach 57 degrees and 61 in Barcelona. Likewise, the region could experience extensive droughts. Global warming is a problem which nations must face together and top-down policies must be created in order to ensure a safer future for generations to follow.


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