Spain: Number of New Covid Cases Soars Overnight

Madrid Lockdown

THE number of new coronavirus cases in Spain has soared dramatically in the last 24 hours. According to the Ministry of Health, there have been 257 new cases of the virus in the last day.

Sadly, there have also been four individuals who have lost their lives to the virus. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is estimated that around 28,296 people have passed away from the coronavirus. In the last week, there have been nine deaths in Spain.

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The cause for this large spike in new cases comes from the various different outbreaks which are active across the nation. In Aragon there are 60 new cases; Catalonia, 52; Galicia, 35; Madrid, 35; Andalucia, 28; Pais Vasco, 12; Extremadura, 10; Communidad Valenciana, seven; Murcia, six; Navarra, four; Castilla-La Mancha, two; Castilla y Leon, two; Asturias, one; Baleares, one; Cantabria, one; La Rioja, one. Compared to the previous day, the increase of cases has been more than double, as on Tuesday they recorded 127 new cases.

Some areas who are suffering from outbreaks, like Catalonia and parts of Euskadi, have introduced a new measure to increase safety and risk the spread of the virus. Recently both regions have introduced the use of masks as mandatory at all times.


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