Children of Spanish Jihadis Stranded in Syria

Stranded in Syria: A Child in Syria Credit: Twitter @nfcinereporter

THERE are currently 17 children of Spanish Jihadis stranded in Syria and Spain is unsure of what to do about the situation. Whereas other European countries have adapted their policies to repatriate these minors and avoid their radicalisation, Spain has no clear cut way to deal with them.

Families in Madrid have organised themselves to demand the return of the wives and children of these radicalised Spaniards. Countries like France, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany have indeed repatriated the children of these jihadis, up to 63 children and two adult women.

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Once they return to European soil, the adults must face the justice system whilst the minors fall back into the custody of grandparents or the social services. The Save the Children branch in Spain has called on the countries of origin to safely repatriate these children and their families as this is part of their humanitarian obligations, outlined in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Children. “Their rehabilitation is essential for the recovery of these children and their families” states the charity.

Keeping them in this environment makes them prone to the discourse of radicalisation and endangers their lives due to the lack of medicine, education and food in the country. Repatriating the children of the caliphate also helps to resolve this conflict and is positively favourable for international security in the future.


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