British Embassy in Spain Hosts Q&A Session on Spanish Residency

The very helpful Q&A session Credit: British Embassy

THE British Embassy in Spain hosted a special Q&A session on July 8 following their previous correspondence to try to explain the new residency requirements for British passport holders in Spain.
Watch the video in full below, well worth watching until the end.

Ambassador Hugh Elliott explained that the introduction of the new TIE requirement was a brand-new process and even the Spanish Authorities with whom they were dealing were finding it a little difficult to be clear on the exact requirements.

One thing however is clear and that is that those who are already registered for residency have absolutely no need to apply for the TIE unless they want to.


For those who have not previously registered or where part way through the process prior to lockdown, then they will need to apply for the TIE via different offices rather than the local National Police.

You can apply in person, appoint a representative or apply digitally to the Immigration office and once accepted will be able to obtain the actual card from the National Police.

There will be a two part registration process which is explained in the video of the session above and will be updated on the Embassy Brits in Spain Facebook page in due course.


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