Paddle Boarders Warned of Danger by Gibraltar Port Authority

Eastern Beach on Gibraltar’s Atlantic Coast Credit: Gibraltar Government

THE Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) is worried about the safety of paddle boarders as not only have their numbers increased significantly but many are venturing further out into the sea than is considered safe.

According to the GPA, this can be a very risky thing to do, especially when you take into account that from a distance a person standing on a board may not be that visible, particularly to a vessel traveling at some speed.

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To this end therefore, the Authority has issued an advice saying that users of this type of personal water craft should limit their use to within the area marked out by the beach marker buoys.

For those members of the public wishing to venture further out, the strong advice is that they should wear a high visibility floatation device so that they can be spotted at a distance and small pleasure craft users are asked to be vigilant at sea regardless of whether they are using a power driven vessel or not.


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