Mojacar Blue Flags for quality beaches official

RECOGNITION: Six of Mojacar’s beaches have gained the European Environmental Education awards this year CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

THE Blue Flags quality recognition for six of Mojacar Playa’s beaches is official.

Junta de Andalucia Tourism delegate in Almeria, Jose Luis Delgado, has this week presented Mojacar Mayor Rosmari Cano and Tourism councillor Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc with the distinctions for the locality’s Descargador, Marina de la Torre, Piedra Villazar, El Cantal, Lance Nuevo and Venta del Bancal-Ventanicas beaches.

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The delegate congratulated the municipality for gaining the recognitions, acknowledging the great work carried out throughout the year and describing the Blue Flags as “the fruits of the council’s efforts.”

He stressed the European Environmental Education awards signify a commitment to quality for the condition of the water, accessibility, life-saving and a long list of services.

Both the delegate and the mayor underlined the importance of safety as a primary factor when choosing a holiday destination, especially in the current times.

The mayor highlighted the implementation of human and material resources aimed at ensuring Mojacar is one of the most requested destinations.


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