Happy ending to heartbreaking tale of elderly dog abandoned in Kent

SAD TALE: The smiling labrador was dumped outside a pound in Kent. CREDIT: Swale Borough Council Facebook

An elderly dog abandoned in Kent with a heart breaking note saying he “has not learnt to be good” prompted an investigation with a happy ending.

THE black labrador, believed to be about 10 years old, was left outside Jasmil Kennels in Upchurch, Kent on Monday, July 6.

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The previous owner had left note stating they had no choice but to get rid of their pet because of his behaviour.

It read: “Hello, pls can you take me in as my owner has abandoned me after 10 years because I have not learnt to be good, so I have been returned here where he found me.

“Thank you for looking after me, sorry for inconvenience.”

Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service posted a Facebook appeal to find the owner and launched an investigation.
All was not as it initially appeared and thankfully, the tale has a happy ending.

The council said: “The team were able to get in contact with his owner, and all is not what it first seemed. We are now taking appropriate action based on the situation and circumstances.

“We have also been in contact with members of the owner’s extended family, who know and love the dog.

“They had no knowledge of the owners plans and have asked to take the dog on so that he can live out the latter part of his life in a safe secure home, with people he knows.”

If home checks and the dog’s reaction to them are positive, the authority is confident this is the kindest way forward for the dog’s welfare.

“We would like to thank everyone for their offers of help and a home for this old boy”, the council added.


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