Enjoy Life as the Costa del Sol Embraces the New Normal

Costa del Sol, open for business again Credit: Pixabay

NOW that we are well into July, there’s a buzz about the Costa del Sol with residents who had been staying at home starting to get out and about and a first trickle of tourists.

Yes, you have to be socially aware but shops are opening (with some now staying open on Sundays as well) restaurants and bars are greeting guests and, in some parts, they are having to turn away business because of the number who want to just enjoy being out.

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Music is back, with councils along the Costa promoting free concerts and in the case of both Marenostrum and Starlite, the organisers have managed to adjust to the fact that international performers simply won’t be able to make it but there are hundreds of quality Spanish entertainers of all types ready to step in.

The sun is shining, the beaches are accessible and if anything, are safer than ever before with properly trained lifeguards and good quality facilities and if you are sensible, there is always a stretch of accessible beach somewhere which isn’t overcrowded.

We have emerged from the worst and the human race is resilient, so with more hotels opening, drive in cinemas and the will to make the best of things, the Costa del Sol is a pretty good place to be.


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