Centenary celebrations in Spain’s Almuñecar

CELEBRATIONS: Emilia, 100, with family amd town hall representatives. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Almuñecar

ALMUÑECAR centenary, Emilia Fernández Jerónimo, has celebrated her 100th birthday in style.

THE Town Hall organised a special birthday party, inviting her family from across Spain, and presented the “illustrious neighbour” with a plaque and a bouquet of flowers.

The Third Age complex resident was born in the neighbouring town of Jete on July 7, 1920, and married Almuñecar resident Antonio Rivas Alba before they emigrated to Argentina.

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Many years later, they returned with their four children, and went on to enjoy six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Deputy mayor and head of Citizen Participation, Employment and Maintenance, Beatriz González Orce, said it was a very emotional and joyful day, particularly when everybody joined in to sing happy birthday.

Councillor for Third Age, María del Carmen Reinoso, said: “I have been thinking for some time about this moment as she was the first resident neighbour in the municipal complex to reach the centenary and, more importantly, in full possession of her faculties.”

Emilia said of her big day: “It was very good.”


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