Spain Extends Governmental Measure Which Prohibits Utilities to Be Cut Off

Bills Stay: Government extend social measure until Sept 30 Credit: Pexels

The Government in Spain has agreed to extend its ban on cutting off water or light supplies during the health crisis and now this social measure will last until September. More than 200,000 households have reaped the benefits of this measure which was adopted at the beginning of quarantine.

Several measures which fall under the “social shield” will be extended until September 30 as these policies aim to protect the most vulnerable families. Although the ministers of Unidas Podemos, the socialist party have campaigned for these measures to remain until 2021, this second extension is more likely to be approved on Tuesday.

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More specifically, the extended measures include the ban on cutting off electricity, gas and water supplies to Spain’s most vulnerable families, which was adopted in March and will be extended until September 30. According to governmental figures, In the two months following its approval, more than 200,000 homes benefited from this guarantee of supplies.

Another extension will be the suspension of payment obligations derived from credit contracts that do not have a mortgage guarantee, this will stay on until September 30 too. Ultimately, the Executive has agreed to extend the timeframe for applications in regard to the moratorium on mortgage debt. It can now be claimed until September 29.




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