Sacked employee takes out anger on ex boss’s car

HYPOTHESIS: Police concluded the attack on the vehicle was an act of revenge. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

EL Ejido police have arrested two women for causing more than €2,000 worth of damage to the car of a former boss of one of the detainees.

The employer reported the attack on their vehicle in the early hours of June 9. The tyres were punctured, one of the wing mirrors was torn off, a large stone had been hurled against the back windscreen and a corrosive liquid sprinkled over nearly all the bodywork.

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Given the extent of the damage, police believed the vandalism of the car was either a settling of scores or an act of revenge.

As investigations progressed police ruled out the first hypothesis, leading to the identification of likely suspects and ultimately the woman who had been sacked a month earlier and her chum.


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