Ministry of Education announce guidelines for schools to reopen in Murcia

Schools to reopen with new measures. Credit: Shutterstock

SINCE the State of Alarm forced the closure of all educational centres in the country, the educational community in Murcia has had to face the numerous challenges imposed by an exceptional situation.

The Ministry of Education, through its Autonomous Secretariat, has advised public schools through a series of initial recommendations that the centres have to implement as quickly as possible. The department headed by the councillor Vicent Marzà proposes that they make up “stable coexistence groups” in all Pre-school and 1st to 4th grades of Primary Education, with a maximum of 20 students.

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Another of the marked guidelines that have been most controversial among associations of parents and teachers is that schools should assign to each class a tutor who will be the only person who interacts with the children. In practice, this order assumes that specialist teachers, such as those who teach English, music, art, religion, and even those who serve children with special educational needs will not be able to access different classes, nor will schoolchildren be able to leave it.

So that the tutors will be in charge of assuming training in multiple subjects. Also, specialist teachers “can give classes to each group through the use of technologies that the centre has or acquires (for example, use of a digital whiteboard, projector or videoconference)”.


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