Mallorca pool party shut down

ILLEGAL: Police said the event lacked any authorisation or licence and represented a risk due to Covid-19 CREDIT: Ajuntament de Calvia

CALVIA police shut down an illegal pool party in a villa on the Costa de la Calma at the weekend after finding out about promotion of the event on Facebook.

Calvia Council reported the fiesta had been organised by people working in Magaluf for the holiday season. They posted an image of a pool and a unicorn-shaped inflatable, advertising entry at €35 or €100 for the VIP version.

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Police determined the party not only lacked any authorisation or licence, but also represented a risk due to Covid-19.

When nine officers pitched up at the property on Saturday afternoon they found some 100 revellers, a large amount of booze, a DJ spinning tunes and a payment terminal. They also discovered five people were in possession of drugs.

CREDIT: Ajuntament de Calvia

Calvia Council said the organisers could be looking at a very hefty fine for a serious violation of the Activities Law, sanctions ranging from €30,001 all the way up to €300,000.


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