Prosecutor requests long stretch for man who murdered his mother in Velez-Malaga in Spain’s Axarquia region

Caleta de Velez area of ​​that town.  Credit: Facebook

THE Malaga Prosecutor’s Office has requested 22 years in prison for a man accused of allegedly stabbing his mother to death in Velez-Malaga. The events occurred in July 2017 in the house that both shared in the Caleta de Velez area of ​​the town.

The prosecutor maintains that, at dawn, the man saw that his mother was sleeping and took advantage of those circumstances by taking a kitchen knife and, allegedly, “plunged it into her neck,” using great force; which caused the death of the woman, whose body was discovered by her partner the next day.

After the facts, the defendant left the house and the following morning he went early to the police to say “I have come to declare that I have killed my mother.” He was arrested and is now charged with murder.

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In addition to the 22-year prison sentence, the Prosecutor’s Office requests that the victim’s partner pay €100,000 of compensation and €10,000 to each of the six brothers of the deceased. The trial is scheduled to be held from Monday July 13.


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