Gibraltar Introduces Free Pandemic Health Tests for Local Residents

The Rooke Drive-Thru Centre Credit: Gibraltar Government

THERE have been relatively few cases of Covid-19 in Gibraltar and it has been government policy that those who appeared to have the identifiable symptoms could make an appointment to be tested.

Now however the option is being extended so that anyone over the age of 16 who is registered with the Gibraltar Health Authority may make an appointment to be tested at the Drive-Thru facility on the Rooke site regardless of whether they are displaying any symptoms or not.

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There will be no charge for this service which will allow anyone who has any doubts to check their health, but it is strictly by appointment only in order to cut down the risk of cross infection.

Visitors may enter in their cars or by foot and they will be swabbed with the results being made available within 12 hours on average.

No repeat test may be taken until at least 10 days have passed and in due course, the centre expects to be able to supply a certificate of testing for travellers, although there will be a charge for this.


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