Crops in Spain’s Axarquia region benefit from artificial intelligence to determine optimal harvest

Data monitoring: Mango plantation in Spain’s Axarquia Credit: Shutterstock

THE use of sensors in farming can allow farmers to know if a crop is being over irrigated or, on the contrary, is suffering from water stress, and even if is enduring excess heat.

However, the University of Malaga and the agrarian transformation society Trops, which is the largest marketer of avocado and mango of national origin, are working to advance the use of data and artificial intelligence to monitor tropical crops, which in the province have become a key pillar of agriculture.

The project, which lasts until December 2021, will have special importance for tropical crops in Axarquía and the Granada coast, as it will be a tool available to Trops technicians for advanced monitoring of these crops, according to Aldana.

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The project carried out by UMA and Trops, called TROPICAL-IA, seeks to create an advanced artificial intelligence microservice software platform that supports the monitoring of tropical crops and enables rapid decision-making. Among other things in the early detection of pests and diseases or to determine the optimal harvest time of a plantation.


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