Another City in Spain Quarantined as 70,000 Residents Go into Lockdown

credit: twitter

THE latest city to go back into lockdown is A Mariña in Lugo, Galicia, which will mean restricted mobility for around 70,000 people.

The Xunta has explained that they may be the second region to be placed back into quarantine as there has been a major outbreak in the coastal province with 106 positive cases identified so far.

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According to medical sources, seven have already been cured, whilst 99 remain active, and two have been hospitalised.

Starting from today, more than 70,000 residents will not be able to leave the area without a plausible reason. Bars and restaurants will be forced to close before midnight and wearing a mask will be mandatory even in outdoor spaces like the beach.

According to the Official Gazette of Galicia, these measures will last at least until July 12.


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