Spain’s PM Sends Message of Calm Following the Recent Lockdowns

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has urged the public to 'keep calm' despite the recent lockdowns. Credit: Twitter

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has today sent a message of calm to its citizens following the announcement of the country’s two lockdowns within 24 hours.

GALICIA’S regional government announced that it will lock down Galicia’s La Mariña in Lugo from midnight tonight until at least next Friday, as reported. It’s the second lockdown to be announced within 24 hours after more than 20,000 people were confined in Catalonia yesterday.

This time, during his election campaign in Bilbao today, Sánchez reassured the public that the country’s national health system is “much more prepared” to deal with the coronavirus than back in March, and therefore the public “should not be scared.” Nevertheless he also advised the public to not “let their guard down” and continue to be “cautious” because “for now we have to continue to live with the virus” at least until a vaccine is found.

In fact, just yesterday, he urged Spaniards “not to be scared” of the outbreaks and “to go out to reactivate the economy” because the country has “successfully defeated the pandemic,” as reported.





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