Jeremy Corbyn laid a Wreath at the International Brigade Memorial in London on July 4

Jeremy Corbyn prepares to lay the wreath Credit: SE1 Twitter

WHILST Americans all over the world celebrated Independence Day on July 4, a much smaller group attended the annual remembrance ceremony organised by the International Brigade Memorial Trust in Jubilee Gardens, London.

Guest speaker for a much smaller than usual gathering by the International Brigade Memorial was former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn who told the audience that his parents had first met at an event in London held in solidarity with the Spanish Republican cause.

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The ceremony remembers the more than 2,500 activists from Britain, Ireland and the then colonies who travelled to Spain to fight on behalf of the Republican side against General Franco.

During his speech which was recorded, Mr Corbyn referred to the many statues and memorials being taken down and explained that this was one that was most appropriate and showed historical solidarity for those struggling for peace.


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