Ancient Mallorca olive tree named Spanish national monument

ANCIENT: The tree is believed to have been planted in the 9th century CREDIT: Asociación Española de Municipios del Olivo. AEMO Facebook @municipiosdelolivo

A MORE than thousand year old olive tree in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains in Fornalutx has been named a national monument.

The AEMO Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities has chosen the tree as the 2020 Best Monumental Olive in Spain.

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AEMO describes the tree has having a “spectacular base which extends its ancient woody roots through a large area”, and a trunk with a 6.5-metre perimeter, which “draws a sublime figure of great volume and impossible lines.”

The association believes the tree was planted by the Muslims in the 9th century.

“Today, in the 21st century, the tree continues to produce a crop thanks to the care and attention of its owners”, AEMA comments.


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