United States Breaks a Daunting New Record in Daily Increase of Coronavirus Cases

Credit: Flickr

The United States of America has broken yet another record in regard to the coronavirus crisis as today it has reached its highest daily increase of cases.

The chilling increase of cases has occurred on July 4, their national Independence Day. In only 24 hours there were 60,800 new cases which elevate the total number of cases in the States to 2,800,000.

According to the John Hopkins University at 8:00 p.m., health authorities recorded 754 deaths in that same day, bringing the total to 129,405.

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The most significant outbreaks are now concentrated in the western and southern states like Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Georgia and the Carolinas.

New York is still the worst affected state with almost 400,000 confirmed cases of the virus. The next state with the most cases is California which has 250,500 cases, followed by Texas with 185,300 cases.


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