The Only Two Teams Willing to Sign Leo Messi If He Leaves Barcelona

Maxisport Shutterstock
Lionel Messi in the claret and blue of Barcelona FC Credit: Maxisport Shutterstock

If Leo Messi finally decides not to renew his contract and leave Barcelona on July 1, 2021, there will only be two teams willing to undertake the high cost of his transfer.

There are only a few European clubs with a sufficient budget to cope with such a high salary demand.

The two teams that would be willing to hire Messi are Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United. By then the Parisians may not have Neymar and they are about to part with Mbappé, if they haven’t already. This means they will need a great star and could be very successful with one of the best players in history.

The other club that would seriously consider hiring the number “10” would be Manchester United. There is no clear leader in the Old Trafford locker room and they would have enough salary space to pay what the Argentine asks for.



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