Italy blocks Americans attempting to arrive in Sardinia by private jet


Five Americans trying to fly to the Italian island of Sardinia have been denied entry to the country. On Wednesday, the Americans in their private jet were rejected by Italy’s authorities following the decision to maintain quarantine measures and travel restrictions in the country in a bid to keep the coronavirus crisis under control.

The private jet flew from Colorado to Cagliari on Wednesday morning with five US citizens on board and some friends from New Zealand, the UK, Germany and Italy.

The EU bloc is currently still keeping its borders closed to some countries such as the USA, Russia and Brazil where the COVID-19 emergency is still deemed too high a risk.


The holidaymakers spent around 14 hours in the ground in Sardinia attempting to gain entry, but eventually decided to take their jet to Birmingham in the UK instead. The UK’s restrictions currently require visitors from the US to quarantine for 14 days.


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