Ministry of Health Recommends: No Smoking on Terraces in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca

Smoking banned: Smoking in public could spread virus particles Credit: Robert Wallace flickr

The Ministry of Health in Spain has recommended against smoking whilst residents and tourists enjoy the sunshine on Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca’s terraces.

NOW that quarantine measures have been relaxed and security protocols have been adjusted to cope with the current health crisis, the Ministry of Health has released a new recommendation – no smoking.

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Setting aside the adverse consequences that smoking poses on your health, the reason they have recommended against this leisurely activity is that smoking could increase your chances of contracting the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health contends that regularly removing and placing your face mask back on to smoke is an easy way to cross-contaminate without realising.

Furthermore, the constant touching of the cigarette and its closeness to your mouth and face can also increase your risk of transmitting the disease. Lastly, exhaling small droplets when smoking can also foment the spread of any diseases.

Nevertheless, the Ministry contends that if you are going to smoke, you should ensure you wash your hands before and after doing so.



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