Lawyers in Spain Warn That 2020 Could Be First Year in Which Divorces Outweigh Weddings

Summer: Separations and divorces.
Bumpy Ride: More divorces than marriages is likely in 2020 Credit: Shutterstock

 Lawyers in Spain are afraid that 2020 marks the first year in which the number of divorces outweighs the number of weddings.

Weddings are already on the downfall as 2019 marked the lowest number for unions since 2014. According to the National Statistics Institute, last year only 165,578 marriages were officiated.

Many couples who were intending to get married have even had to postpone until a later date because of the uncertainties that the future holds. So, this year the number of potential marriages will be even smaller.

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This year, prospects are not looking any brighter especially not in the ‘new normality’ after the long months in quarantine.

Quarantine has forced couples to remain in enclosed spaces with one another for months on end and many lawyers predict a surge in divorces because of it.

According to Alberto Garcia Cerbian, from Cerbian & Associates their “calculations” estimate that the total “number of divorces is going to increase by 25%” roughly by the same amount that marriages will “increase”.


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