Dutch Holidaymakers in Total Shock Upon Arriving to Spain’s Mallorca as They Find Their Hotel Is Closed

Completely Closed: Dutch Holidaymakers in Shock Seeing Hotel in Mallorca Credit: Twitter @Turinews

A GROUP of Dutch holidaymakers were left in complete shock when they arrived at their destination in Spain’s Mallorca and found that their hotel was closed.

Undoubtedly, the health crisis has not only hurt the tourism economy, but it has direly affected hotels, so much so, that many have been forced to close their doors permanently.

At least three different tourist groups flew over to Mallorca, complying with all the security pre-requisites such as the Passenger Location Card, but they were left in awe when they arrived at their accommodation and were faced with closed doors.

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They were due to stay at the Amazonas Hotel, a three-star establishment in s’Arenal in Mallorca, but when they arrived it was empty with nobody to be seen. Neighbours in the area recorded some images which in turn bring a negative reputation to the ever-so-popular holiday island.

Isabel Vidal, the president of the Playa de Palma Hotel Association has assured that they are trying to figure out how something like this has happened.


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