Third of Madrid’s Nightlife Venues Predicted to Close Down for Good as Result of Spain’s Lockdown

Nightlife cut short: Euskadi country restricts nightlife. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Almost a third (30 per cent) of Madrid’s nightlife venues are at risk of closing down for good as a result of Spain’s lockdown, according to the Noche Madrid Association, despite the fact that the capital’s night clubs and venues finally got the go ahead to open their doors to the public on Friday.

FINALLY, this weekend more than 2,300 nightlife venues in the region will be able to reopen their doors up to 40 per cent of their capacity, albeit without a dance floor, as reported. However, on Wednesday morning (yesterday), Noche Madrid gathered in front of the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of Madrid’s President Isabel Díaz Ayuso at around 11am, to protest against ‘the forgotten.’

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“The uncertainty has been huge for us,” stated Dionisio Lara, President of Noche Madrid. “The shopping centres have been opened. The Metro is now open to more than 800,000 users daily … what about us?”  Lara warned Ayusa that “many” of Madrid’s 2,300 nightlife venues will not actually open on Friday – and has predicted that “a third of all venues will be forced to close,” as a result of the lockdown and delays in opening.


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