Outrage as British Hospital in Bolton Charges Spaniard £600 After He’s Worked in the UK for 40 Years

Two paramedics stabbed while on call out in Wolverhampton. Credit: Twitter

A Spanish expat from Galicia who has lived in the UK and paid taxes for almost 40 years has sparked outrage amongst Spanish news outlets after a British hospital in Bolton charged him £600.

THE Galician expat is called Jose Antionio Mallo, he is 74 years of age and he has worked in the UK for almost four decades. Mallo returned to Galicia around 15 years ago but he frequently visits England as his children still live up north.

Nevertheless, an indisposition forced Mallo to be admitted into the hospital in Bolton for a total of 24 hours. A very expensive day at the hospital.

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Despite receiving British Social Security benefits from his retirement fund after 38 years of working in the UK, Mallo was forced to pay up. He did not have his National Health System Card on him, nor could he remember the number.

He did have his European Health Card but that was expired, and his Spanish card was rejected on this occasion, unlike previous times. “How can they pay my pension, but not find me in the system!” exclaimed Mallo.



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