Only 4/15 Non-EU Countries Authorised into Spain Let Travellers from Spain Cross Their Borders

NO SPANIARDS: Only a few countries allow Spanish travellers across borders. CREDIT: Aeropuerto Valencia Twitter

Only four out of the 15 non-EU countries who are allowed to enter European borders, exchange the same gratitude to residents in Spain, even more interesting, is that most have their borders completely closed off to foreigners.

THE four countries who allow Spanish travellers through their borders are Serbia, Montenegro, Tunisia and South Korea. However, if you have plans to travel to South Korea you must first undergo a 14-day quarantine, which is mandatory for both locals and tourists.

According to the list of travel recommendations prepared by the Spanish Foreign Ministry, Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand and Uruguay have their borders completely closed to foreigners.

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Furthermore, when looking at this on a global level, more than 130 countries have still blacklisted Spanish travellers from entering their countries.

Spain on the other hand is eager to welcome tourists back into the country after the tourism sector has been heavily damaged by the lack of visitors and the strict quarantine which enforced its closure.


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