Neighbour dispute leads to house fire and death in Spain’s Madrid

DISPUTE: Suspect wanted revenge on "noisy neighbours". CREDIT: Roadstars Mercedes Benz Twitter (file pic)

Madrid police have arrested a man who allegedly set fire to his own house to ‘get back at his noisy neighbours,’ one of whom died from ‘complications resulting from inhaling smoke.’

THE events took place in Carabanchel in the early hours of Monday morning, June 29.

Days before, the detained had been accumulating garbage, cardboard and even wheels inside his home, and around 4am, he set fire to the lot and left the house, Jupol Madrid trade union and police sources told Europa Press.

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Minutes later, the intense black smoke and heat from the fire had affected the staircase, the patio and other houses.

Firefighters were called and extinguished the flames, while paramedics treated two women for slight smoke inhalation at the scene.

A 52-year-old man was taken to the Gomez Ulla Hospital with a case of ‘smoke poisoning and with a previous health history.’

A middle-aged woman suffered smoke inhalation, which aggravated other health conditions, and she died two days later.

National Police arrested the suspect yesterday and he will undergo a psychological examination.

According to Europa Press, residents claim the suspect had a ‘problematic’ relationship with his neighbours.


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