Gibraltar Imposes 10 Per Cent Personal Import Duty with 24 Hours’ Notice to Residents

Chief Minister reveals new import duty Credit: Gibraltar Government

THE Government of Gibraltar has a record of issuing regular press releases on numerous matters, some of which are often considered by many as trivial.

Remarkably however, they introduced a 10 per cent personal import duty on all goods (except food) with effect from July 1 which was only revealed via press release and GBC News the day before it happened following a meeting between the Government and the local Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Small Businesses.

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With certain exceptions the commercial import duty waiver will continue for the next three months which means that local business will hope to pick up sales from residents who would be charged 10 per cent duty for imports (even those via mail order).

The GSD opposition party believe that this is a retrograde step especially as some items such as books are not easily available on the Rock and feel that this new tax will hit all residents, especially the poorest in their pockets.

Following the public demonstration against some Government policies earlier in the week, it appears to be no coincidence that free public parking (albeit limited to three hours for residents) at Midtown car park has been reintroduced and a temporary counter to handle driver vehicle and licensing will be opened at the Royal Gibraltar Post Office.


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