BREAKING NEWS: UK Government announce School and Nursery Class limits Scrapped

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Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, has confirmed schools and colleges will be expected to open their doors in September – but with coronavirus ‘measures’ in place.

THE education secretary said that the 15-pupil ‘bubble’ limit will be scrapped and that will allow schools to create ‘bubbles’ of a whole class or a whole year.

‘Bubbles’ were introduced as an anti-infection measure, they meant groups within the school were kept separated from each other – and if one member of a bubble tested positive, the whole bubble had to go into isolation for two weeks.

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Bubbles will now be allowed to be much larger – and won’t have to go into isolation if one member tests positive, he said. In primary schools, the maximum size of bubbles is expected to be raised from the current level of 15 to 30 children.

But a ‘rapid risk assessment’ will be carried out to determine who has been in ‘close contact’ with a child who tests positive – and tell them to self-isolate for two weeks, while children won’t be required to maintain full social distancing – teachers will be urged to keep their distance from the older students.



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