Boyfriend in Spain’s Madrid Caught by Police Whilst Strangling His Girlfriend

Domestic Violence: Police in Madrid catch aggressive boyfriend. Credit: shutterstock.

This morning, the National Police surprised a young man whilst he was strangling his girlfriend in a flat in the district of Carabanchel in Madrid.

THE man was caught red-handed with a dominating stance over the woman and he has now been arrested for it.

The incident took place at 1.15am this Saturday on Jaibru Street in the Vista Alegre neighbourhood.

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The National Police branch received a call reporting a violent discussion in the house. When police officers arrived at the scene, they found a 27-year-old Honduran man with his hands around his partner’s neck, who is 28 years of age.

The aggressor was detained in the room and there was blood around the victim which was from a blow she received to the nose, which they think has possibly been fractured.

She also suffered from various bruises from previous abuse and the victim was quickly transported to the Emergency Room of a hospital in Madrid.

The aggressive detainee has a history of abuse and even a record of attempted homicide in the realm of gendered violence. He now has a report against him for sexual violence and also has a restraining order against the victim.


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