BBC Decides Staff Should Not Wear Black Lives Matter Badges on Air After CAA Exposes Antisemitism in the Movement and Other Extremist Views Emerge

BBC are banning the wearing of BLM badges on air. Pic:Twitter

THE BBC has reportedly decided that its television presenters should not wear Black Lives Matter (BLM) badges on air after Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed worrying antisemitism in the movement and other extremist views emerged.

Executives at the public broadcaster stated that “visual symbols of support” for BLM should not be worn on screen after BLM’s exploitation of the alleged racist killing of George Floyd for extremist purposes. “The BBC cannot be seen to support any kind of cause over another, and Black Lives Matter is certainly a campaign,” the BBC’s spokesperson said.

The decision was part of a backlash against the Black lives matter movement after The Campaign Against Antisemitism pointed out antisemitic tweets over the weekend. Police forces and many celebrities have positioned themselves away from the movement, as has the Premier League.

One of the first football clubs to break with BLM were Tottenham Hotspur, which said that “it is unacceptable that a value-based action is being hijacked by those with their own political agenda,” and Crystal Palace, which announced: “we would like to make clear that we do not endorse any pressure group or body that carries the same term in its name, and we strongly believe that organisations should not use this important force for change and positivity to push their own political agendas. We want to be part of a world that is fair, inclusive and open to all.”


A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “We are not surprised that the antisemitic outbursts and revelations of other extremist views from within the BLM movement are causing those who had lent their support to distance themselves. All decent people oppose racism, which is why seeing anti-Jewish racism emerging from within the movement against anti-black racism has been an ugly sight. Prejudice cannot be beaten with more prejudice.”


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